Client ID

  • Description: This identifier is unique to your OAUTH application on GitLab.

  • Instructions:

    1. Go to your GitLab OAUTH application settings.

    2. Locate and copy the Client ID.

    3. Paste the Client ID into the respective field on the integration page.

Client Secret

  • Description: This is a confidential key associated with your GitLab OAUTH application.

  • Instructions:

    1. In the GitLab OAUTH application settings, find the Client Secret.

    2. Copy and paste the Client Secret into the designated field.

3. Callback URL Configuration

  • Description: This URL is where GitLab will redirect users after they have granted or denied permission for your OAUTH application.

  • Instructions:

    1. In your GitLab OAUTH application settings, set the Callback URL to align with the example provided, ensuring a consistent path.

    2. The URL should adhere to the format: https://[your-domain].com/settings/integration-settings/gitlab.

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