Issue List Filter

Beyond the standard filtering and grouping functionalities on the Issues Page, there's an advanced filtering option available to users. This feature, accessible via the button located at the top right of the page, offers more granular control over the displayed vulnerabilities.

Advanced Filter Button:

A button positioned at the upper right corner of the page. Clicking this button expands a comprehensive filtering pane, providing several options for precise vulnerability listing.

Vulnerability State:

Enables users to fine-tune the listing based on the current status of vulnerabilities.

  • Options:

    • Open: Display the vulnerabilities that are yet to be addressed.

    • Accepted: Show vulnerabilities that have been acknowledged by the team.

    • Recheck: List vulnerabilities that are marked for a re-evaluation.

    • Closed: Display issues that have been addressed and closed.

    • Hidden: Show vulnerabilities that are currently kept from the standard view.

    • False Positive: Display issues marked as non-issues or false alarms.

  • Default Setting: Open, Accepted and Recheck vulnerabilities are displayed as the standard. However, users can tweak this default as per their preference.

Assignment Filter:

View vulnerabilities based on their current assignment. Handy for checking vulnerabilities designated to specific team members.

Specific Filters:

Delve deeper with filters tailored to various vulnerability attributes.

Options Include:

  • Standards

  • Tags

  • Fix Cost

  • Severity

  • Impacts

  • Root Causes


  • This advanced filtering facility was crafted with the intent to help users navigate through a substantial volume of vulnerabilities seamlessly.

  • Regular utilization of these filters can notably improve the process of vulnerability management and mitigation.

  • To maximize the benefits, users are advised to acquaint themselves with these detailed filtering options. This knowledge equips them to zero in on pivotal areas of their codebase with precision.

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