Quick Start & Scan

1. Navigate to the Home Page:

Start from the main page of our platform.

2. Click on the "+" Button:

Located on the main page, you'll find a "+" button. Clicking on this button will prompt a dropdown menu or a list of options.

3. Select "Create New Project":

From the dropdown menu or list of options, select the "Create New Project" option. This will lead you to a new page dedicated to project creation.

4. Integration Service:

You'll be presented with a page, as shown in the previously provided image:

  • Integrations: This section allows you to integrate with different cloud services. You have three options to choose from:

    • GitHub

    • Azure

    • GitLab

    • Bitbucket Cloud

If you choose an on-premises integration (often labeled as "Onprem"), you will have an additional option compared to the cloud integrations:

  • Upload: This feature allows users to directly upload ZIP files, making it easier to integrate local projects or datasets into the platform.

  • Git: Opt for a generic Git server if you host your repository on-premise.

  • Bitbucket Server: For those who use Bitbucket on their own servers,

    select this option for integration.

5. Proceed Through the Steps:

  • Integration Service: Choose where you'd like to integrate your project from. This could be from cloud services or on-premises.

  • Policy Selection: Define and select the policies that suit your project's needs.

  • Integration: Integrate your chosen service with the platform.

  • Project Created!: Once you've gone through the above steps, your project will be created!


  • Advanced Security: Select this for a comprehensive security scan that goes beyond basic checks.

  • OWASP Top 10 Focus: Choose this policy to focus on the top 10 security risks identified by OWASP.

  • API Security: Ideal for projects with an emphasis on secure API implementation.

  • Code Quality - Best Practices: Picks up common code issues and ensures best practices are followed.

  • Data - Privacy Protection: Use this policy to prioritize the protection of personal and sensitive data.

  • Mobile Security: Select this if your project is a mobile application requiring specialized security checks.

  • Cryptography - Authentication: Ensures that encryption and authentication mechanisms in your code are robust.

  • File - Resource Management: Checks for efficient and secure file and resource management in your code.

  • Web Client-Side Security: This policy focuses on security risks associated with client-side web applications.

  • Sensitive Information Exposure: Protects against accidental exposure of sensitive information.

  • SAST Scan: Static Application Security Testing to identify security vulnerabilities.

  • SCA Scan: Software Composition Analysis for managing open-source components and licenses.

  • Decompiled Code Scan: This policy is crucial if your project involves reverse-engineering or working with decompiled code. It ensures that the transformed code adheres to security standards and detects any vulnerabilities that may be introduced during the decompilation process.

6. Review & Finalize:

Before finalizing your project creation, review all the settings and integrations you've chosen. Make sure everything aligns with your project's requirements.

7. Click "Next":

After reviewing, click on the "Next" button (as shown in the image) to proceed and finalize your project creation.

Congratulations! You've successfully created a new project on our platform. As you navigate through the platform, remember that detailed documentation is available to assist you every step of the way. Should you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Congratulations on setting up your project! You're now one step closer to diving into the deeper functionalities of our platform.🚀

Once scan initiated, you can observe the progress of your scan in real-time. A progress bar or percentage indicator will give you insights into the scan's status. When the scan completes, a notification or visual indicator will confirm its successful completion.

You've successfully embarked on a journey to optimize your projects and ensure top-notch security.

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