Connect using OAuth v2:

  • Description: This method allows users to integrate with Azure DevOps using the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol.

  • Steps:

    1. Click on the "Sign In Azure Devops" button.

    2. A new window will prompt you to enter your Azure DevOps credentials.

    3. Authorize the application to access your Azure DevOps account.

    4. Once authenticated, you'll be redirected back to the settings page with Azure DevOps successfully integrated.

Connect using Personal Access Tokens (PAT):

  • Description: This method requires users to enter their Azure Personal Access Token to establish a connection.

  • Steps:

    1. In the "Related Organization" field, enter your Azure DevOps organization's name.

    2. In the field below, input your Azure DevOps Personal Access Token.

    3. Click on the connect button to finalize the integration.


  • Ensure you have the necessary permissions in the third-party platforms before attempting to integrate.

  • Regularly review and refresh your integrations to ensure continuous and smooth data synchronization.

  • Keep your Personal Access Tokens confidential to prevent unauthorized access.


  • If you encounter issues during the integration process:

    1. Double-check your credentials and Personal Access Tokens for accuracy.

    2. Ensure your account has the necessary permissions in the third-party platform.

    3. Try reconnecting after some time or contact support for further assistance.

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