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We are pleased to introduce Version 2304.23, a comprehensive update includes new licensing packages, custom rulebase merge, faster and improved code analyzers
Online Update Method: Run CTUpdater executable as admin in the web app directory, Updater will check if there is newer version and automatically updates the service.

🌟 Update: 23-04-2023

🚀 New Features
  • C# WCF Support: Added support for C# Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) projects.
  • Faster Analyzer Scan Strategy: Improved the scan strategy for faster analysis results.
  • New License Packages and Manage UI: Introduced new licensing options and a revamped management interface.
  • Check/Revoke License from Root Settings page: Enhanced license management with options to check and revoke licenses directly from the root settings page.
  • New KnowledgeBase Update: Users can now merge rule conflicts or reject updates from official patches via the Settings Page.
  • Cloud GitHub Login for public repos: Added support for logging in with Cloud GitHub for public repositories.
🐛 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed UI and Analyzer Bugs: Resolved various UI and Analyzer issues for a better user experience.