Access Token

The Access Token page is designed to facilitate the generation and management of access tokens. These tokens grant secure access to specific API endpoints. As a crucial security measure, once generated, these tokens cannot be retrieved, so users are encouraged to store them securely.

  1. Generating a New Token:

    • Description: This functionality allows users to create new access tokens.

    • Usage: Click on the "+ New Token" button to generate a new token. Upon generation, make sure to copy and store the token in a secure location, as it won't be retrievable in the future.

  2. Token List:

    • Description: A list of all the generated tokens, along with their associated details.

    • Usage:

      • Name: A user-defined name or label for the token to quickly identify its purpose or associated project.

      • Token: A partial view of the token. The complete token is hidden for security reasons.

      • Created Date: The date on which the token was generated.

      • Last Used: The most recent date the token was used to access an API endpoint. If it hasn't been used, it will display "Never".

      • Action Button (represented by a bin icon): Allows users to delete the token if it's no longer needed or if it's suspected to be compromised.

Interacting with Access Tokens:

  1. Storing a Token: After generating a new token, always ensure it's saved securely as the platform does not provide a retrieval option.

  2. Token Management: Regularly review the "Last Used" column to monitor token activity. If there's any suspicion of unauthorized use, consider deleting the token and generating a new one.

  3. Deleting a Token: Use the action button (bin icon) next to the token you wish to remove. Confirm the deletion in any subsequent prompts. Be cautious, as deleting a token will revoke access to any API endpoint associated with that token.

Best Practices:

  • Do not share tokens publicly or with unauthorized personnel.

  • Regularly monitor token usage and activity.

  • Rotate tokens periodically for enhanced security.

  • Always store tokens in a secure and encrypted location, such as a password manager or secure vault.

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