Dependency Tree

The Dependency Tree view is a crucial tool in understanding the relationships and hierarchies between the various modules and libraries your project depends on. It helps in identifying potential issues with dependencies, such as conflicts or outdated libraries.

Viewing the Tree

  • The Dependency Tree typically starts with your project's main file (like a pom.xml for Maven projects) at the root.

  • Each node on the tree represents a library or module that your project depends on.

  • Lines from the root to other nodes show direct dependencies, while lines between other nodes show transitive dependencies (dependencies of dependencies).

Interacting with Nodes

  • Click on any node to view more information about that particular dependency.

  • Some tools may allow you to expand/collapse nodes to view the hierarchy of transitive dependencies.

Analyzing Dependency Details

  • Look for version numbers to ensure that your project uses the most current and secure versions of dependencies.

  • Dependencies may be color-coded or marked to indicate issues such as compatibility problems, licensing issues, or known vulnerabilities.

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