The "GitLab Integration" settings page provides users with the tools to connect and synchronize their GitLab account with the current system. Through this integration, users can enjoy seamless data synchronization, improved task automation, and a robust user experience by utilizing the features offered by GitLab.

1. Connect using OAuth v2:

  • Description: OAuth 2.0 is a standardized authorization protocol that enables third-party applications to access user data without revealing user credentials. It is extensively utilized for user-endorsed communications with third-party APIs.

  • Steps:

    1. Navigate to the "Connect using OAuth v2" section.

    2. In the "Access Token" field, provide the access token you received from GitLab following successful authorization.

    3. The system will automatically verify the validity of the token upon input.

2. Connect using Personal Access Tokens (PAT):

  • Description: Personal Access Tokens (PAT) act as an alternative to traditional password-based authentication methods for accessing GitLab. They offer enhanced security since they can be regenerated and managed with ease.

  • Steps:

    1. Navigate to the "Connect using Personal Access Tokens (PAT)" section.

    2. A note specifies, "A PAT has access to only a single organization in GitLab. Please make sure you enter the correct PAT here."

    3. Enter your GitLab Personal Access Token in the "Personal Access Token (PAT)" field.

    4. Provide your GitLab Base URL (e.g., if you're using a self-hosted version of GitLab, or leave it at the default value if you're using GitLab's official platform.

    5. Hit the "Connect" button to finalize the integration.


  • Before starting the integration process, ensure that you have the necessary tokens generated from your GitLab account settings.

  • It's crucial to keep your Access Tokens and PATs confidential. Refrain from sharing them and immediately regenerate them if you suspect any unauthorized activities.

  • Routinely verify the permissions associated with your tokens to confirm they possess the required access for your tasks.


  • Should you encounter any hiccups during the integration process:

    1. Ensure that your Access Token or PAT is valid.

    2. Cross-check the permissions and scope of your tokens on GitLab to ensure alignment with system prerequisites.

    3. If issues persist, try regenerating your tokens on GitLab and attempting the integration again.

    4. Don't hesitate to contact support for specialized assistance.

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