The Notification Page provides users with real-time updates related to scan operations and report generation processes. It acts as a centralized hub to keep users informed about the progress and results of their scanning activities.

Scan Notifications:

Whenever a scan operation is performed, the user receives a notification detailing the scan's status, such as initiation, progress, completion, or any potential errors.

Report Generation Notifications:

When a user requests to generate a report from scan results, the completion status or any pertinent information regarding the report generation will be displayed here.

See All Notifications:

This feature allows users to view their entire history of notifications, giving them an overview of past activities and updates.

  1. Click on the "See All Notifications" button.

  2. Users will be redirected to a dedicated page displaying all past notifications in chronological order. This page provides a more detailed view and might offer options like filtering or searching for specific notifications.


  • Notifications are designed to keep users informed without the need to manually check the progress of scans or reports.

  • To ensure you receive all notifications promptly, consider checking your user settings or preferences to ensure notifications are enabled and configured to your liking.

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