• Each license entry will typically include the license name and may have a link or arrow to expand for more details.

  • Review the licenses to ensure compliance with legal requirements and project standards.

  1. Identify Licenses: Each license listed represents the legal terms under which a component or library is used. Ensure that you recognize each license type present in your project.

  2. Expand License Information: If more information is available for a license, click the arrow or link associated with the license to view details such as the full license text, obligations, and compatibility with other licenses.

  3. Check Compliance: Verify that the use of each component or library is in compliance with its license terms. Pay attention to restrictions or obligations like attribution, redistribution, or modification.

  4. Resolve License Issues: If potential license issues are identified, such as incompatible licenses or use that is not in accordance with the license terms, take the necessary steps to resolve these issues. This may involve replacing a component, modifying the usage terms, or obtaining additional permissions.

  5. Document License Compliance: Keep records of license compliance checks and resolutions to ensure that the project documentation is up

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