The Scans page provides users with a detailed view of all scans conducted on project. Here, you can find a chronological listing of scan summaries, with the most recent scans displayed first.

  1. Search Bar:

    • Use this feature to quickly search for specific scans using keywords or scan IDs.

  2. Scan Cards: Each card represents a scan and contains the following details:

    • Scan ID: A unique identifier for each scan.

    • Scan Type: Indicates the depth and scope of the scan. In this instance, all listed scans are of the type "Deep Scan".

    • Scanned Time: Shows how long ago the scan was completed.

    • Scan Status: A green checkmark indicates that the scan has ended successfully.

    • New Issues: Depicts the number of new vulnerabilities or issues identified during that scan.

    • Fixed Issues: Illustrates the number of vulnerabilities or issues resolved since the previous scan.

    • Scan Started by: Shows the user or system process that initiated the scan.

Click on a specific scan card to view more detailed results of that scan, including the vulnerabilities found, their severity, and recommended fixes.

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