The Notifications page is designed to keep users informed about various asynchronous actions performed within the application, such as project scans, report generations, and more. Users can receive these notifications both in-app and via email.

  1. Notification Toggles:

    • Description: These toggles allow users to control which types of notifications they wish to receive.

    • Usage:

      • PDF Notifications: Toggle on/off to enable or disable notifications for PDF report generations.

      • Scan Notifications: Toggle on/off to enable or disable notifications related to project scans.

      • HTML Notifications: Toggle on/off to enable or disable notifications for HTML report generations.

  2. Past Notifications:

    • Description: This section displays a chronological list of previous notifications.

    • Usage:

      • Each notification comes with a brief description of the event.

      • Date and time of the event are mentioned on the right.

      • Depending on the type of notification, action buttons like "Download" may be available to directly access or act upon the related item.

  3. Notification Icons:

    • Description: Visual indicators that represent the type of notification.

    • Usage:

      • Different icons represent different types of notifications, allowing users to quickly identify the nature of the notification.

Interacting with Notifications:

  1. Receiving a Notification: When an asynchronous action (like a scan or report generation) is completed, a notification will automatically appear in this list.

  2. Accessing Reports: For notifications related to report generations, click the "Download" link to directly access and download the report.

  3. Managing Notification Preferences: Use the toggles at the top to customize which notifications you'd like to receive. Turning a toggle off will stop that particular type of notification from appearing in the list and being sent via email.

Best Practices:

  • Regularly check the Notifications page to stay updated on recent actions and their outcomes.

  • Customize your notification preferences to ensure you only receive notifications that are relevant to you.

  • Use the action buttons (like "Download") to quickly access relevant files or details without navigating away from the Notifications page.

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